About Lucia Rodriguez






Lucia Rodriguez is a Dominican fashion designer. Famous for her women’s evening gowns and exotic fabrics imported from France and the Middle East, also for her preference for glamorous lace and delicate Swarovski crystal sconces, Lucia Rodriguez interprets the dreams and vision of her affluent clientele, transforming ideas, artwork to fashion, not to mention the shape and functionality in the process.




At a very young age Lucia started her passion for fashion and modeling. Native from the Dominican Republic, at only 14 years of age she started her fashion studies. She completed her first fashion studies at The Mercy Jacques Technological Fashion Institute in the Dominican Republic. Upon completion of her studies and graduation, she migrated to The United States of America in order to pursue her dreams within the fashion and modeling world.

Early Years


Once in the United States of America, she continued her studies at Parsons Art Designs; from where she graduated as one of the top new students in her class. After being within the fashion and modeling industry for over a decade and after working closely with renowned designers such as Johanna Mastroanny and Bob Evans; she opened her own fashion/confection room and launch her signature line. Lucia Rodriguez Couture became a reality.


A Woman of Fashion Inspiration


Lucia's signature line captivated the eyes and ears of top designers within the fashion and modeling world. Her signature line offered her clientele an exquisite line of evening and wedding gowns which accentuated on her taste for perfection and finesse. Lucia has coordinated and pioneered multiple fashion shows within all levels of the fashion world. She has presented her signature line to very demanding and exclusive clientele. These events include "Fashion at Grace Mansion" which had the presence of Michael Bloomberg NYC mayor. Lucia's work has been also featured at very important events throughout all Latin America, Events such as "Premios lo Nuestro" (Univision); A highly respected broadcast station with the United States of America and around the world.


After becoming a very successful designer within the United States; Lucia decided that it was time to return to her roots and provide her native origins with a taste of what she has been able to achieve overseas. She understood how important it was to give back to her origins which she always had close to her heart. Lucia presented her signature line at one of the most important events in Latin America: "DOMINICANA MODA". Within this event Lucia was able to present a top notch collection which quickly established her among the top designers within the fashion world. Here she had the opportunity to interact and present her signature line to renowned designers such as Karla Reid and Jorge Diep. The event took place at one of the most exclusive fashion hotels in the Caribbean Embajador Hotel & Casino in October of 2008.

Press Release


Lucia's work has been featured within all levels of important personalities within the entertainment world. Actress and producer Celines Toribio featured Lucia's work, not only at her wedding where she wore a mesmerizing and talked about wedding gown, but at the movie Maria Montez, where Rodriguez custom designed the film’s wardrobe. Denise Quinones, Miss Universe 2001 featured Lucia's dress while she posed for her picture album for the TV y Novelas magazine article. Ximena Duque; who highlighted in the list of the best dressed at the Latin American Music Awards, as well as actress and singer Thalia; who was fascinated with the talent of Lucia, with whom she worked creating custom pieces for her video clip Desde Esa Noche. Lucia Rodriguez has been honored by the Dominican National Council in Washington, DC as a 100 Dominicans contributing to the socioeconomic development of the United States for the past 50 years. "The Dominican List” was presented on July 27, 2012; at a ceremony on the esplanade of the Capitol in Washington, DC. The release of the documentary about the history of the Dominicans was then performed on the American nation entitled, Dominicans in the United States: Celebrating 50 years of presence and contribution. In 2016, Lucia was recognized for being proponents of the Dominican Culture Abroad. She was distinguished in the presentation “101 Reasons Dominican Republic is Grandiose" which was conducted by the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic and Santo Domingo Times Magazine.


Lucia is a favorite among Hollywood celebrities and her designs have been seen on the red carpet at the Oscars, the 50 Most Beautiful of People En Español, Alma Awards, Casandra, New York Fashion Week, and numerous film festivals and prestigious fashion magazines. Her style have captivated the attention of the fashion and modeling world by presenting a signature line that stands for high quality, finesse and perfection.